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“I don’t think that people have lost hope, but I do think they have lost their sense that everything is possible”

Kristjan Järvi

Sunbeam Productions is a music production company like no other. Founded by Kristjan Järvi, Sunbeam Productions is here to celebrate the power of music by creating spaces in which anything is possible. Be it in the world’s biggest concert halls and festivals, the intimate Sunbeam Production Studios or in a secret corner of the world – all Sunbeam projects aim for no less than life-enhancing experiences through music.

Big words? Yes! Sunbeam welcomes you into a musical universe where believes and dreams grow even bigger. Sunbeam dares you to dive into this bright place, together with artists, audiences and business partners from all over the globe.

Sunbeam Productions was founded in 2016 and is based in Tallinn, Estonia. With focus on both classical and mainstream music, Sunbeam‘s activities include live concerts, festivals and events, film/tv soundtracks, orchestra composing, arrangements and recording, music education, management and production services. The Sunbeam Production Studios are used for recordings and sound production.

Sunbeam history

Kristjan Järvi received popular and critical acclaim as a conductor directing the best orchestra’s in the world: Berlin Philharmonic, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, Rome Academia Nazionale St.Caecelia, Czech Philharmonic, Sao Paulo symphony, LA Phil, Sydney Symphony, Tokyo NHK Symphony, Orchestre de Paris, Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa, Taiwan Symphony, MDR Radio Symphony Orchestra and many more. Besides being a conductor, Järvi is an artistic director, producer, composer and arranger. As a recording artist Järvi has more than 60 albums to his credit.

In order to take his pioneering ideas to the next level, Järvi realized he needed a company to match his artistic needs. Sunbeam puts his spirit and ideas into practice. Combining all artistic aspects to align the productional process from A to Z. This way, Sunbeam works efficiently and serves creative freedom to all involved.

The Sunbeam team

Kristjan Järvi and Evelyn Koster run Sunbeam Productions. The company works with an interdisciplinary band of creators. A team of topnotch international professionals that transform even the wildest ideas into practice. Creativity and craftsmanship form the basis on which all Sunbeam productions are structured. Production value and artistic value go hand in hand when it comes to light, sound, stage, etc. Next to the professionals behind the scenes, the company stands for its own unique sound with its own in-house Nordic Pulse Ensemble.

Sunbeam collaborations

Sunbeam is always on the lookout for new collaborations, and cherishes long-term partnerships as well in all areas of the music industry. Kristjan Järvi has been part of Tom Tykwer’s core musical team for the creation of Film and Series Soundtracks (Lola Runs, The Parfum, Cloud Atlas, Sense 8, Babylon Berlin). Other soundtracks he made with the Wachowski sisters (The Matrix, Cloud Atlas). Having worked for many years with recording artists such as Max Richter, MUM, Bryce Dessner, Hauschka and Robot Koch Sunbeam Productions also produces shows as Babylon Berlin Live, Bastille Re-orchestrated and Waterworks.

Sunbeam services

Live concerts, festivals and events [link]

  • Sunbeam Productions repertoire
  • Special opening events
  • Tours

Sunbeam Production Studios for recordings and sound production

  • Max Richter’s upcoming album, Deutsche Grammophon, Release tba.
  • Robot Koch’s album Next Bilion Years with Nordic Pulse Ensemble, BMG, Arrangement, Release April 2020

Orchestra composing, arrangements and recording

  • Movie soundtracks
  • Advertising
  • Jingles

Music education

  • Playing by heart
  • Promotion of upcoming talent

And more

  • Film productions

Find out what Sunbeam Productions can do for you.

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