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As part of the “Kristjan Järvi Sound Experience”, Sunbeam productions presents a Show production celebrating the grace, beauty and innocents of the Majestic Swan. It not only represents, freedom, peace and the strength of nature, but also shows the redundancy of borders in the human mind and on a geographical level.

Video and Projection artist Philipp Geist, light designer Bertil Mark and Sound engineer Chris Eckers reshape the halls into the now of electro accoustic music and this multimedia immersive shows together with the musical band.

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Experiencing a winter fairy-tale, full Symphony Orchestra show embodying the majestic movements of the Swan. From Arvo Pärt to a Dramatic Symphony of Tchaikovsky´s Swan Lake

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Using an innovative approach combining music, projections, light and choreography, the show will connect music, emotions and visual beauty and create a journey into the spirit of these beings. The concerts show is a Sunbeam Production in collaboration with a full Symphony Orchestra, Kristjan Järvi, Various artists, Light-, sound- and projection design.

In Celebration of the Nordic spirit and its inhabitant, “SwanShow” presents an orchestra Suite of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake arranged by Kristjan Järvi as well as Arvo Pärt ́s “Swan Song”. A dazzling portrayal of the beauty of nature and colorful facets of the Northern Elements. A musical journey that underlines the importance of nature, a message the Baltic Sea Philharmonic continuously strives to communicate all over the whole world.

The Show is driven by the belief that natural sources are the driver of social, tech, and cultural entrepreneurship and will become one of the best examples of how nations communicates their identity to the rest of the world. In the significance and beauty of the strong bond to nature, Swan Lake Show will emphasize on how belief in the earth, sky, and sea, have created these cultures as a major force for change and enlightenment and a rich diversity of music.

Baltic Sea Philharmonic
Photo: Peter Adamik

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Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake on Sony

Gstaad Festival Orchestra & Kristjan Järvi

Kristjan´s Swan Lake Concert Suite is out now!
It is a unique opportunity for the listener to not only hear certain popular numbers from the ballet, but also enjoy the complete narrative itself unfold in a dramatic context that works without the choreography. Recorded with the Gstaad Festival Orchestra.