“Artfilm” Nordic Pulse

Nordic Pulse is a documentary inspired by the Nordic region’s rich cultural history In collaboration with Kristjan Jarvi and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic, this experimental film tells the story of a passionate conductor and a group of diverse musicians coming together to push the boundaries of an orchestra’s potential.

In a divided world filled with a ceaseless array of geopolitical tension, it is more vital than ever to tell stories of the things that bring us together. Nordic Pulse is the journey of an orchestra determined to show how music can inspire us to rise above our differences and celebrate our humanity. Join us as we follow the Baltic Sea Philharmonic, led by the charismatic Kristjan Jarvi, electrifying audiences across Europe with a concert experience that can be described by anything but classical. Is there a place for idealism in our contemporary world? Find out as one group of dedicated musicians pose the question: can an orchestra be more than an orchestra?

Join the Baltic Sea Philharmonic and its visionary leader Kristjan Jarvi as they electrify audiences across Europe and redefine what it means to be an orchestra. Can an orchestra empower? Can it create real change? A determined Jarvi it can, and every day he pushes his musicians to new boundaries to achieve this vision. In a region that has been so challenged by geopolitical differences, can one conductor and an inspired orchestra provide a glimmer of hope that is so desperately needed? Follow us an incredible journey as we find out.

A journey into sounds, spaces, senses and a new realm of possibilities. As part of the “Kristjan Järvi Sound Experience”, Sunbeam productions offers a Show production celebrating the musical heritage, vibes and culture of our Nordic roots. “Nordic Pulse” features artists such as Maria Faust, Ewert and the two Dragons, Kristjan Järvi, Kadri Voorand, Kristjan Randalu and Maarja Nuut.

Nordic Awakening is an audio and visual journey through Nordic nature, culture and lifestyle. Using an innovative approach combining music, projections, light and choreography, the show will connect shared environments and create a journey into the essence of this diverse musical landscape.

nordic pulse

The Premiere will be at new year’s 2018 in Tallinn, as celebration of 100 year independence of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

In particular, as celebration of independence, this projects shows that independence does not mean exclusion or singularity, but a healthy and embracing approach to other cultures, countries and innovative ideas.

A national identity based on a society and culture that remains earthy and draws on its archaic roots, built on its bond with nature, Estonia creates and recreates constantly by uniting and innovating. By drawing its power from the talents of its people, culture, and glory of nature it is headed to create a new social and economic model based on true universal connectivity.

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Pulsating Beats from the North

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The Experience

The “concert experience” is driven by the belief that the North is a powerhouse of social, tech, and cultural entrepreneurship and will become one of the best examples of how nations communicates their identity to the rest of the world. In the significance and beauty of the strong bond to nature, Nordic Pulse will emphasize on how belief in the earth, sky, and sea, have created these cultures as a major force for change and enlightenment and a rich diversity of music.

The Programme

A through choreographed full emersion event show, produced by Sunbeam Productions and Kristjan Järvi as producer/conductor, this show transports the audience into a new dimension through exclusively created Projections, lighting design and 3-diemsional electronic soundscapes.

New Material of Trad.Attack with orchestra
New Material of Kristjan Järvi
New Pieces by Ewert and the Two Dragons (Orchestra Versions)
Maarja Nuut new material orch and banjo
Saxophone and Orchestra by Maria Faust (Big Band and ERSO)
New Material to be played on Paiste percussion gear